Topics and Speakers

  •    Pre-Natal Yoga  Class ( Yoga Bellas) 
    Prenatal Screening and Diagnostic test 
    Dr Dalia Sikafi, Consultant Obs/Gyn

    Stem Cell Storage
    Odette Schefermann (CryoSave)

    The Midwife: Who is she? Past, Present and Future

    Helen Campbell ( Manzil Health)
    Preparing for Labour - Obstetrics & Gynaecology 

         Ms Mia Ulissis, Senior Midwife 

Breastfeeding / Kangaroo care and its benefits / Delayed cord clamping , Umbilical cord care, Bathing  
Dr. Monika Kaushal

 Childs 1st year
Dr. Riham Ammar, Specialist Paediatrician

Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Sara Abdelghany (Healthbay Clinic) 

 Q & A 
 With all our lovely speakers at the end of each presentation !