Topics and Speakers

   Pre-Natal Yoga  Class ( Yoga Bellas ) 

Stem Cell Storage
Odette Schefermann ( CryoSave )

 Breast Feeding 

Malin Ghavami ( Nightingale Health Services)

 Prenatal Screening and Diagnostic Testing  - Obstetrics & Gynaecology 

   Dr Samina Dornan  (Kings College Hospital)

2 innovative water products, best for your babies and for you ( Bambini and Zero Bromate water ) 
Avinash Ratta ( Bambini and Zero Bromate water )

Pregnancy & Mental Well Being - What to expect  - Consultant Family Medicine 
Dr Kiren Sahota (Kings College Hospital)

Vaccinations and Allergies in new born  
Dr Nitin (Kings College Hospital)

Nutrition during pregnancy  - Consultant Family Medicine 
Dr Somaya Saddik (Kings College Hospital)

Lymphatic drainage and pregnancy
Hafsa Sliman (Vitalite clinic)

Lower back pain in pregnancy
Krisztina Jolsvai (Vitalite clinic)

 Q & A 
 With all our lovely speakers at the end of each presentation !