Topics and Speakers

  •    Pre-Natal Yoga  Class ( Yoga Bellas) 
    Prenatal Screening and Diagnostic test 
    Dr Azza Attia (Fetal Medicine)
    Stem Cell Storage
    Odette Schefermann (CryoSave)

    The Blossom/Babilou Education

    Zuzana Minarikova  (Blossom Nursery )
    Preparing for Labour - Obstetrics & Gynaecology 

         Dr Jannifer Kasirsky (Mediclinic Parkview)

Dru Campbell  (Healthbay Clinic)

 The importance of the Hearing screening at New Born and kids
Hanya Kassouma ( Al Zahra Hospital)

Designed To Get You Ready: Mamas&Papas Personal Shopping Experience 
Shannon Kretser (Mamas and Papas )

 Q & A 
 With all our lovely speakers at the end of each presentation !